Website Design Features

Website Design Features

Atlantia Technology Group Website
Custom Website Design and Content

Custom designed template specifically for your website as well as individually designed content pages. We ensure that all areas of your site are given equal attention to detail.
(including meta keywords and descriptions for each page, as well as submission of sitemap to Google for better indexing)

CQ's Navigation
Navigation Dropdowns

Do you have a great deal of information to bring to your potential clients? Often a dropdown navigation is the best use of space that also brings a bit of movement and interaction for your customers. Static dropdowns simply appear and disappear with no extra transition. Animated dropdowns might have sliding, fading, or color changing effects that are usually seen in Flash animations, that can now be created with SEO-friendly alternatives.


If you plan on expanding your company to offer customers the option of purchasing your goods or services online, we have specialized options suited for your needs.

| Full Shopping Cart (including customer login and checkout pages)
| PayPal Buttons (PayPal generated “buy now” buttons with base PayPal template)

Photo Galleries
Photo Gallery Examples

Photo galleries come in various forms with varying degrees of administration and scale. We offer photo gallery packages that can allow you to easily upload and manage photos within categories so visitors can easily browse around.

| One page gallery index with thumbnails linked to larger images (no user administration)
| One page gallery index with thumbnails linked to larger images (includes user administration)
| Multiple page / multiple category gallery with thumbnails linked to individual pages (includes user administration)

Sea Castle Realty Contact Form
Contact Forms

Allowing potential clients to contact you directly from your site saves time and offers another means of communication. Depending on your needs we can create contact forms that save all your inquiries to an on-site database letting you view them at any time from anywhere with an internet connection. Stay in touch with your clients easily and cost-effectively.

Mapping Systems
Boathouse Google Map

Advances in technology have brought us some extremely new tools for web development, one of the most useful being interactive mapping systems. If you’ve planned a trip or looked for directions to a restaurant you probably used Google Maps, Yahoo Maps, or many other online mapping services. You can use that same technology on your site to let your users explore your area and find out how to reach you. You can even let your visitors enter addresses for driving directions from their door to yours. Make your mark with custom mapping systems.

Boathouse Event Calendar
Event Calendars

Live entertainment schedules, upcoming community events, show listings and events all can be managed and displayed to your viewers with a customized event calendar. Easily manage what events are coming up, how often they occur, who’s playing, and when. Give your visitors an easy way of finding out what events to look out for.

Wine and Spirits Club Blog
Blogs and News Systems

A great way to keep your visitors as well as search engines interested in your site is to offer continually updated information. Blogs and news postings are great ways to keep people informed as well let them interact and communicate with you directly. Our systems are built to be functional and stylish while also secure. We can set up user databases for commenting as well as captcha protection against autonimous spmamers.

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